Conny van Kasteel organizes 6 exhibitions of contemporary art annually.
The works on show may be abstract, geometric, concrete, constructivist or minimal art,
Created by Dutch and foreign artists who have established a reputation in art already.
Of the artists who take part in 4 major annual exhibitions one is always Dutch, the other foreign.
A combination is made of three-dimensional objects by the one artist and mural objects (paintings, two-dimensional mural objects ) by the other,
this creating a dialogue between the objects, resulting in a very specific artistic idiom.
Once a year 5 or 6 artists will take part in an exhibition whereby the general idea as mentioned above is followed.
Occasionally a group of artists will take part of a ”project”, such as for instance the exhibition in 2002 with the theme “Hommage aan Mondriaan”
(37 artists sit  at  table on stools). All objects of their individual design.
The influence of Mondriaan on contemporary artists resulted in very interesting and very different designs of “furniture” and art.
This travelling exhibition already went to the Mondriaan Museum at Amersfoort and Art Centre Zaanstad at Zaandam, both in the Netherlands.
Other museums in the Netherlands and abroad are interested in this travelling exhibition and are about to follow in the near future.
The final exhibition is always a retrospective of works shown during the past season combined with a preview of work by artists whose art will
be shown in the next year program.
Conny van Kasteel specializes in :Promotional activities concerning art.
                                                  Dealing in art/or and representing artists.
                                                  Acting between private art-collectors and artists.
                                                  Acting between industrial artistic projects and artists.
                                                  Managing assignments and buildings up art-collections.
Organizing exhibitions for artist affiliated to the gallery,
Elsewhere in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Work in stock from all artist affiliated to the gallery.
At Noorderstraat 5 at Egmond (opposite the main exhibition room) photographic an graphic art,
drawings and small plastic art are to be seen.